SSH via Terminal from Lion to Snow Leopard

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Here’s a quick “fix” for a bug I came across yesterday when attempting to remotely control a Snow Leopard Server with SSH via Terminal from OS X Lion. By default, Lion’s terminal emulation is declared as “xterm-256color”, while Snow Leopard only supports “xterm-color”.  You can imagine my surprise when I first connected via SSH into one of my Snow Leopard Servers from my iMac running Apple’s shiny new OS X Lion and got this message: “Error opening terminal: xterm-256color”. It turns out that there’s a relatively simple fix, it’s just extremely annoying that it happens in the first place.  Simply open up Terminal preferences,  then navigate to the “Advanced” tab and change “declare terminal as” to “xterm-color”. See the attached “incorrect” and “correct” screenshots.

Incorrect Settings:

Terminal Settings (Incorrect)

Correct Settings:

Terminal Settings (Correct)